War Comes to the Empire

Episode I: Left for Dead
Dead orcs really smell.....

Within a week of the massive Orc Horde invading the Empire most of the army had formed near the capitol. They marched northeast planning to meet the greenskins on the field of battle and crush them. The army was joined by mercenary bands, local militias and several groups from the nearby kingdoms. Elves, dwarves and eladrin all held to their ancient vows of friendship and joined with the Imperial Army. At what should have been sunrise on the day the great battle was to commence the sky didn’t lighten up, some say it got even darker. A cold rain began to fall; not surprising for this time of year but just hours earlier there hadn’t been any clouds. The two great forces collided early that fateful morning. Like a rock thrown into a stream, the Imperials held up the Orcs briefly but were soon washed away.

Later in the day some of the survivors who’d not been part of the great retreat awoke to a scene of death and slaughter. Three brave souls banded together and set off in the general direction of the fortress city or Wolfenburg, in hopes of joining the remaining parts of the army there. A paladin named Balarin, a brave warrior named Evan and mercenary captain named Malden. Along the way they met a fourth companion who could lead them through the forests (a scout and tracker named Jurgen) and make good time to the city of Wolfenburg, but he had a quest of his own to finish first. Two young girls had been kidnapped, and with most of the men off to war, there was no one left to go after them. So the four of them tracked the girls to a cave. There the forces of some unseen hand rose from the ground, and the dead, to bar their way. But our heroes battled through these monsters and rescued the two girls. Then after returning them to their homes the four of them set out once again on the road to Wolfenburg.


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